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Get A Gilmore Today!

Something to think about...

because It's fun

100 + guitars constructed
10,000 + strings used
1,000,000 + notes played


Scott Mclellan
"I have had the pleasure of knowing David for a few years now. Of all my guitars I've owned over the years , my Gilmores are truly something special. Solid build tecnique, attention to detail, and most important of all to me , the feel and sound are as good as it gets in any build in class. From the latest comissioned build to my first model, they feel and sound like... mine. Looking forward to adding more in 2016."
Adam Dobres
"I've gotta say, each time I pick up and play my Gilmore guitar my love for the guitar grows, more and more and more. I have played many guitars out there in the world, and when it comes to modern builders, this guitar stands up to some that I have tried in the $10,000-$15,000 range. Way to go Gilmore guitars! It's a beautiful guitar, it inspires so much emotion, and melody and is one of the most unique guitars I've ever played. I smile when I play this guitar. A happy Gilmore guitar owner, Adam."